Monday, January 3, 2011

As promised...

It was so hot today, the type of heat that just saps your energy. It was wonderful when we got a thunderstorm this afternoon which cooled the air. I'd just been working in the garden, so I just stood in the rain for awhile! Weird...maybe...but it was so refreshing!

I was excited to learn I won a prize in the random draw for the A2Z Scraplets December Challenge. Yay! They are sending me some "Scraplets" chipboard.
What's your favourite thing to do with chippy? I love doing a multitude of techniques on it to give it a truly unique look.

I've got a couple more layouts for you, as I promised yesterday....

I got a few more layouts done last night, and today, so I'll post some pics soon.


  1. What a lovely, happy photo the first one is! And your layouts are so pretty.

    The first sentence of this entry gave me a jolt - we have sleet just now trying to decide if it wants to turn to snow, but I guess you don't live in England! LOL

  2. What stunning pages, so gorgeous and so many fabulous little details.

  3. Gorgeous pages ~ love the colors!!! Wish it were hot here!!!

  4. Stunning, Tina! I love the rich vibrant colors of your layouts and the beautiful flowers, all glimmery - perfect lettering and some super cuties in the photos :) Tell me about the hot weather, lol ... here in Miami it feels like we didn't have a Christmas holiday! Happy New Year to you!

  5. Love them Tina, love all the flowers!! do you want some of out rain, cause we have plenty!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Happy New Year, Tina! I am sitting in Seattle with a long layover, so I decided to try catch up on my blurfing! Amazing layouts you posted! I love all the dimension! Do you put page protectors over them or leave them as is?

  7. beautiful layouts, thanks for sharing!

  8. Mama Monkey - yes I put my dimensional layouts in page protectors in an album. They take up more room, but haven't had any get squished. (I store my albums standing up). Hope this helps.

  9. Gorgeous layouts! Those sparkly flowers are stunning and the bright colors are beautiful! :)



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