Sunday, October 4, 2009

Card classes

I've been making a few cards's all Lisa's fault, she wants me to teach some more card classes. Actually I've been enjoying it. Once I got into the swing of it, the creative juices started flowing. That was after a few hours of scrappers block, when I didn't have a clue what I wanted to make. Anyway, here's a review of some of the card classes I'll be teaching in Oct/Nov.

These ones are lovely in real life, lots of glittr and glimmer with heat embossing, and Glimmer Mists.

These are my favs, made with Fantsy Film, Crystalina, and Angelina fibres, which are amazing to work with. I'm going to create some layouts with these soon, so keep an eye out.


  1. Some fab cards there Tina

  2. i see you're a FANTASTIC, talented card maker/teacher too Tina :)



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