Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scrappassion International DT Sneak peak

A few photos of the flooding in my area....
The bridge is about 4 or 5 metres under water.

This is the Logan River (normally a small creek at this part)
The road a little further on.....the bridge is about 1 metre under water.
We finally have a day without rain today, although we still haven't seen any sun.

Here's a sneak peak of my DT layout for Scrappassion Challenge Blog International. The 1st challenge kicks off on January 1st so make sure you join in the fun and join up as a follower here.


  1. It was on our news about people being rescued from cars and trees. Hope you and your property are ok.

    Fabby LO.

  2. Tina, wow - that is some water! I hope you are all okay and the surrounding areas and neighbors. Your layout looks beautiful! Have a wonderful New Year! xoxo

  3. Oh I cant wait to see the full reveal of this layout. it's looking gorgeous

  4. Sure hope you were not affected too much by the flooding. I can't imagine how devastating it would be to lose your studio!

  5. looking like a fabulous layout!! That sure is a lot of water, hope you were not effected.

  6. What an amazing blog! I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon it - you do amazing work!

  7. We live virtually next door to the Logan River certainly has done some distruction this time round - just a couple of months ago the pond was BARE. We are on high ground so flooding 'shouldnt' happen to our block (she says with fingers crossed) I hope you guys are enjoying the blue sky and sun today Tina - the first challenge looks interesting and looks like alot of work (from what I can see)in yours happy New Year Tina xxx



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