Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't drink V after midnight!

Well I think I learned my lesson.....I was up scrapping at Lisa's last night, doing well, getting 4 pages finished and experimenting a little,...anyway she gives me a huge "mansize" V at around midnight, needless to say we scrapped till after 3am. That wasn't the problem, it was when I got home .....I was absolutely sooooooo wide awake! Think I laid in bed awake for a good few hours before eventually falling asleep. We were having so much fun playing with the new laser-cut mirrored acrylic pieces. They are to-die-for! Sorry, I haven't taken any photos yet to show you. All this rain makes it hard to take pics outside (and I hate taking them under the flouro lights)

I used the "make your own flourishes" technique, as you can see the acetate is only visible close up, once behind a plastic sheet protector you don't see it at all.

I used the "Gladwrap and h2o's" technique to create the background paper on this layout.

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