Thursday, November 5, 2009


Started out as a normal day...well normal for us anyway. The girls had Tap examinations, and did quite well we think. We don't receive the gradings for about a month or so. That evening we decided to get takeaway. My daughter wanted to go 'Trick or Treating' (for the first time ever) at two houses of school friends on our street (sounds simple enough), so we called in on the way. At the second house, their dog attacked us without warning, biting me on the leg. Dakota was screaming, I was trying to put myself between her and the dog to protect her, but it kept circling between us. (The owner was watching from her verandah, doing nothing). We finally were able to get to safety, shaken up, & freaked out. I told the school friend's mother that her dog had bitten me, and she responded "There's a sign". I looked around, not able to see any sign (saw it the next day when I drove past, its hanging half off the fence about 10 metres away from the gate). I couldn't believe her attitude though, not even a "Are you okay?".
So anyway, we continued on to get our takeaway. Picked it up and as we were driving home a dog (different one)runs in front of our car. I brake, then smash....we get rear-ended! My daughter is screaming again. I'm in shock for the second time in 10 minutes! The girl driving behind me was so close I couldn't actually see her lights (being in the 4WD ute). Her car is completely smashed up, and she's hit my towbar so hard that its bent back and bent the chassis, NOT HAPPY.

Layout for the Melbourne Cup Challenge

Frame for another challenge, this one was lots of fun so think I'll be doing a few more as Christmas presents.

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