Friday, June 18, 2010

Photos from Sandon River

Thought I'd post a few pics from our recent camping trip to Sandon River, it really is a beautiful part of Australia. The first two were taken at Red Cliff, just north of Broomes Head.

The view just three metres from our campsite.

Rocks on the nearby island, which is only cut off from the mainland by a few feet of water at high tide.

Hermit of the many species of wildlife we saw in this National Park

I took these photos on my daughters cheapy Kodak camera so am really happy with the results. I managed to capture these shots of my eldest daughter dancing on the beach at sunset,....I can't wait to scrap them! It took quite a few attempts due to not having the luxury of continuous shooting and fast shutter options on the camera.


  1. Gorgeous photos, that's where I want to go when I retire, LOL!!! TFS

  2. WOW are those pictures ever so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. those beachy silhouette shots are AWESOME!

  4. Stunning photos! So pretty.......makes me wish I was there!

  5. What a gorgeous place to be able to go camping. Wonderful pictures.

  6. WOW - Incredible photos. Can't wait to see the scrapped results :)



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