Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dream Big

 Hi there, Thought I'd share this art journal page I created, these are so much fun, and maybe just a little addictive!  
Now I'm certainly not that experienced at this, and I spoke to a friend who said they didn't know how to create a journal page.  I think what they struggled with is they didn't have a vision of WHAT it would look like.  Guess what?  Neither did I!!!!
I just started playing with different layers of mediums.  Think about what products will absorb, or resist each other.  Use according to the effects you want to achieve, or just play and see what happens.  It's JUST paper and some mediums, so it doesn't matter if you muck it up!  No-one has to see it!  You may discover some really cool techniques along the way and the creative process is quite relaxing/therapeautic.  
I started with the Shimmer Sprays first and created some patterns, a few closeup squirts of Love Colour Spray, and some circles of smeared aqua paint, I then drew some quick circles and symbols with black paint (seriously...don't overthink this part)

Smear white gesso or a good thick white paint around the outside of your circles.

Add a bit more.... really get that contrast!

Add Bling Colour Paste through various stencils.

Using Bling and Deep Water Colours pastes, blend one into the other on various arrows , or whatever stencil you choose to use.  (Do this by putting one colour at each side, and blending in the center with your finger)  Add more pattern using Just Blue Colour Paste.

Happy scrapping,

Products used:


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